ALl in for kids - the pokerbook for kids

"All In for Kids" The Poker Book for kids is nearly done!

The working title: All In for Kids: Poker, Blackjack, and More!

It’s based on my love of these games, and 8 years teaching them to hundreds of kids in NYC public and private elementary and middle schools. Plus, lots of group and individual private lessons for kids. (I may be the only person in the U.S. doing this?)

It’s a one of a kind book. Nothing else like it exists. (Hmm… that may be a bit redundant?) And, while one of a kind rarely wins in poker, books for kids are a very different "game!"

The book is full of age appropriate facts, fictions, and fantasies. And, from personal experience, I know kids, and their parents, take to these games, and these ideas for kids, like a duck takes to mayonnaise! (My fall 2019 classes at Avenues and Williamsburg Northside Lower School filled up within MINUTES of being listed online.)

To keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals, and in the book as a whole, I’ve used a WIDE VARIETY of VISUALS, GAMES and QUIZZES. Kids can keep score when reading/playing the games and quizzes, or not. They can compare their scores with friends’, or not. They can read the book from front to back, jump around, and/or revisit sections. That they’ll have an absolutely miserable time when “using” this book is pretty much guaranteed! And, if some stupid adult gives them the book as a present, and they’re not interested, I betcha it won’t take long to find a friend who’d just love to scoop it up.

The book covers poker (and blackjack) basics, history, and, as the title promises, much MORE! Take a look at the Table of Contents below.

There are also tear out Tip Sheets for Poker and Blackjack which tudents can use while learning the games, and, if they want to, keep with them at the table while they’re playing.

Among other things, the book has a veritable cornucopia of History chapters. On Cards & Kids, Jokes, Art, Lying & Cheating, Skill and Luck. And that’s just in the first two pages! Ahem!?? And the chapters on the Presidents and Celebrities who played/play poker are very informative, AND VERY FUN! They are nearly chapter long quizzes, where you have to match up Presidential and celebrity hints with the appropriate picture. And of course, since poker and “gambling” are not always a walk in the park, there are chapters that look at “the dark side.” Chapters about Addiction, Religion, and playing for Money, etc. Have I left anything out? You betcha!!

The book is for Middle Grade to YA Readers. And parents, or other adults, who are silly enough to want to buy their young’uns a book about something they are or might become interested in. Then tiptoe in and steal, uh, borrow the book for themselves while the kids are at school or sleeping.

All In For Kids Poker Book cover


for the Poker Book,
"All In for Kids"

  1. Cards for Kids!
  2. What is Poker?
  3. Ranking the Hands.
  4. How to Play POKER
  5. The World’s Most Popular Card Game - Hold’em.
  6. No-Limit vs. Limit Hold’em.
  7. “Cash” Games vs. Tournament Play
  8. Other Poker Games.
  9. Is Poker for You?
  10. Knowledge is Half the Battle?
  11. Strategy.
  12. Winning.
  13. Losing.
  14. The Math.
  15. Reading Others, AND Yourself!
  16. Tells.
  17. Bluffing.
  18. Luck & Skill.
  19. Lying & Cheating.
  20. Logic & Emotions.
  21. TILT!
  22. Newbs Mistakes.
  23. Advice From Kids/Students.
  24. Poker Constitution.
  25. Presidents.
  26. Celebrities.
  27. History of Cards.
  28. The Joker.
  29. History of Chips.
  30. History of Poker.
  31. Best Players in History.
  32. The Ladies of Poker.
  33. True or False?
  34. Gambling and Poker Quotes.
  35. Gambling and Poker Phrases in Everyday Life.
  36. Poker in Print – The Best Books
  37. Poker Art
  38. Poker Movies, TV Shows, and Internet Videos.
  39. Poker Music.
  40. Poker Jokes.
  41. The Teacher is Always Right! NOT!
  42. The Best Apps,
  43. Computer Games, and Online Sites.
  44. Poker Bots! Poker and AI - Artificial Intelligence!
  45. Playing for Money.
  46. Lessons for Life?
  47. Poker, Gambling, and Religion.
  48. Poker, Gambling, and Addiction.
  49. Blackjack.
  50. Other Games from Around the World.
  51. The Last Hand – Conclusion.
  52. Appendix.
  53. Acknowledgements.
  54. Bibliography.
  55. Index.
  56. Author Bio.

    Want to know more? Just drop me a line, at markdgolden@aol.com.

Allllllll the best,